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NOVA Health Recovery Ketamine Center offers Ketamine infusions, oral ketamine, and nasal spray ketamine for mood disorders and chronic pain

Ketamine Oral Tablets and Ketamine Nasal Spray Therapy for Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, and Pain in Virginia

NOVA Health Recovery Ketamine Infusion Center – Alexandria, Virginia

Rapid Depression Relief with Home Ketamine Therapy

NOVA Health Recovery Ketamine Infusion Center offers home-based ketamine therapies for Depression, Bipolar depression, PTSD, anxiety, Chronic pain, suicidality, OCD, and other conditions. This treatment is suitable for patients who have been diagnosed with a mood disorder and no active substance use disorders. Patients using this therapy include those who have completed the ketamine infusion series and need maintenance therapy, those who would like to moderate depression with home treatments, and people with chronic pain.

Oral Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Tablets, ready-to-dissolve tablets, and troches for depression, suicidality, anxiety, and pain. Used in a prescriptive manner, treatments vary by the patient weight and mental health condition. Tablets are dissolved under the tongue, and the medication is absorbed there. Results can be seen within several days in an incremental fashion. This treatment can be used with Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to augment CBT, EMDR, and other psychotherapies. This therapy is generally used as a micro-dosing strategy and does not lead to dissociation unless the prescription is targeted for Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Ketamine Nasal Spray

Ketamine nasal spray is compounded, racemic ketamine that has more rapid absorption than tablets. It is generally used at home several days a week for the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. This can be used to maintain the effects of ketamine infusions as well as treatment for depression or anxiety disorders from the ground up.

Ketamine Infusions for Rapid Depression Relief

Ketamine infusions offer the most rapid and effective therapy for depression, PTSD, anxiety, suicidality, bipolar depression, and Pain. After an initial series of 6 infusions over two weeks, 75 % of patients have remission or significant improvement in their mood. They are then transferred to home-based ketamine therapies at NOVA Health Recovery.

Ketamine assisted Psychotherapy

Augment your psychotherapy with ketamine nasal spray and oral lozenges. Augment your initial antidepressant therapy with oral and nasal-spray ketamine. Ketamine treatment is more effective with psychotherapy and psychotherapy results are enhanced by ketamine treatments. Contact NOVA Health Recovery for more information.

Videos About Ketamine Therapy at NOVA Health Recovery:

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How To Get started with ketamine therapy at NOVA Health Recovery Ketamine Center – Alexandria, Virginia 22306 – 571-999-2118
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